P E T E R  L A R S E N

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Peter Larsen is an artist who tirelessly continues a seductive and singular work. Originally from Denmark, he graduated from the Copenhagen School of Graphic Arts and worked in bookbinding before taking up studies in economics and management at a the Niels Brock Business School. Arriving in France, he created in Nice a  company making design products distributed by brands such as Colette in Paris, Donna Karen in New York and Conran Shop in London.
Art came to him gradually and he says himself maybe more an artist de facto, than from choice. Despite references to science in his work, he defends from making concrete or kinetic art. He says himself inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian, Donald Judd and the romanticism of the 19th century, and that his highly constructed works are not derived from mathematics or from his mind alone, but from feelings and observering the reality.
His works are realized in synergy with the purchaser or with the place of hanging and are only rarely exposed in public, on the other hand those who have the chance to live with his work will every day experiment their mysterious and strangely addictive finesse.
Peter Larsen work with fine art paper like Canson and Fabriano or rare and vintage papers like Pantone and Zuber. He has more than 700 shades in his workshop. The works are made from natural materials coming from plantations renewed  and predestined to paper pulp. Fine art paper is tinted in the mass, with pigments incorporated into the pulp of the paper itself, without use of chemical ink. Gluing the works are done by hand with adhesives without harmful solvents.
The realization is from start to end eco-responsible without any nuisance to man or nature. The works, the falls and the waste of their manufacture are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. The works are realized without any subcontracting or importation from countries not respecting the rights of man or nature.
Peter Larsen see the work of art as a rebus, there is what you see and the underlying that you devine. To him the work of art is a breach in reality that lets, the initiated, see a new, an emerging. There is in the colors, the composition and the form of his work both a fissure and a horizon. In his Art, without provocation, without violence, neither against spirit nor against environment, Peter Larsen sacres the aesthetics of intellectual pleasure.