P E T E R  L A R S E N

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I went into the Tokyo Palace as into an old grimoire.
On the ground and the sinister walls, writnings in dark stains
Make the rooms of the place, boxes of memory and the fertilizer of this story.

The chiefs at Grands Verres brought out of fertile land an ephemeral work.
The setting was exquisite, like the golden wand around a Dali.
Gastronomy is an art; at table of Monsieur Bleu my desire was merry.

Here the day is like the siesta in an oasis, richer than sleep.
In a false rest, one wanders, head alert, body bloomed.
My heavy brain, rock of gray matter, felt art as a breeze.

In this enlightened hug, the codebar gangue split into rich minerals.
Facetted murmurs of the Tokyo muses enveloped them.
Save these missives around your neck like sirens out of the water.
Peter Larsen
Tokyo Palace (Paris Museum), 2018
10 x 10 x 160 cm and necklaces in varying sizes.

Hoc volo sic jubeo – sit pro ratione voluntas   I want it, I order it - that my will takes place of reason. Juvenal
Peter Larsen
(Gustav-Adolf Mossa) Palumbo, 2018
10 x 10 x 160 cm.
Palumbo, novel in french, Peter Larsen 2018

The jungle is the back against the wall, a concrete wall.
As the star at dusk, its fall is on the horizon.

In my consciousness the jungle is sinking.
I crunched the apple, with brambles there is no more connivance.

The architecture of the city is the new grid.
In the grid of the reptilian sub-layer, biodiversity is at the end.

Brought to underlying biomass, nature fades.
Today's consciousness is only the subconsciousness of tomorrow.
Peter Larsen
Rainforest, 2018
10 x 10 x 160 cm.

I should have seen in the rainbow a first warning,
the huge display, which I thought was shared, was only mine.
A cold shower of solitude gave me goose bumps.
I understood with horror that the universe of color was only in me.

In this bath of a luminous arc we share the photons,
but the specter is only emotion, intimate religion, my own projection.
How to reveal you the vision of such a singular diffraction?
No emotion is shared without scholarly editing.

By implicit colors and unusual contrasts,
I make you the register and the contexture of my obscure feelings.
To the vision of this poetry, of my chromatic abysses intra cranial,
your feelings will be master to distinguish the shadows from the letters.
Peter Larsen
Registry of particular feelings, 2018
Pantone, 10 x 10 x 160 cm.

And although beauty tempts me, I have looked at grace with more respect, it alone, in our time, is not lugubriously banal and keeps an infinity of new sensations, of brightening surprises. Aurel
Peter Larsen
Aurélie Octavie Gabrielle Antoinette de Faucamberge, 2017
10 x 10 x 220 cm.

Peter Larsen
Midnight Datura, 2017
10 x 10 x 140 cm.

Peter Larsen
100% Pantone (Maeght), 2016
10 x 10 x 160 cm.

Peter Larsen
100% Pantone (Silvia), 2016
10 x 10 x 180 cm.

Peter Larsen
Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, 2013 - 2016
10 x 10 x 100 cm.

What a mysterious defect in my eye,
it only retains with difficulty the landscape,
yet it never forgets a city, a village.

How boring the seasons in the countryside,
in the indifference the years are the same,
the pond, the border, reveal nothing of these passages.

In town each street is a history book,
every season of architecture leaves its traces,
the coordinates of a travel into the distant past.

In the country I travel only in a flat layer,
while in the city I undertake the ascent of time.
If nature is beautiful, I prefer the house, the intellectual.
Peter Larsen
Stendhal Syndrome, 2015
10 x 10 x 240 cm.

Peter Larsen
L’œuvre au noir, 2015
10 x 10 x 120 cm.

Peter Larsen
The Red Book - Jung - Liber Novus, 2015
10 x 10 x 120 cm.

Peter Larsen
Le chemin de Nietzsche, 2015
10 x 10 x 160 cm.

The decorator and architect Eileen Gray opened a boutique in Paris in 1922 called Jean Désert. Jean Desert was a hybrid name invented by Eileen Gray, Jean for her lover of the moment and Desert for the very popular exoticism in the twenties of the African desert. Nowadays the architect of Mrs. Schapira, took over the style of the store Jean Desert for the place he had designed for her and they decided to revive the name of Desert for this store, rue Maréchal Joffre in Nice. These two works, designed for the shop windows of Desert, are in the continuity of the original design of the place. Inspiration and happy oxymorons of the eternal ephemeral of Eileen Gray, and the possible hybrid of trade with the heart.
Peter Larsen
Désert, 2014
each 10 x 10 x 200 cm.

Peter Larsen
Lola chez Déli-Bo (avec Elise), 2013
10 x 10 x 250 cm.